Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact our support via Support Platform, or sending an email to

The minimum withdrawal for each transaction is determined by network fee, and the withdrawal sum must be larger than the fee.

There is no minimum deposit limit for cryptocurrency operations.

Fees are different for any currency. Please refer to fees page for more details.

There is no special option for internal transfers between two Smartrade accounts. This operation should be performed as your regular withdrawal.

Blockchain transactions are not reversible. Once money has been sent, there's no way to return them. That's why it's absolutely vital to protect your account from intruders.

To stay completely secure, we strongly encourage you to enable 2-step verification. Select "Two-Factor Authentication" on the Settings page (you are required to install Google Authenticator app on your smartphone). Verification for withdrawals is also highly recommended to enable.

And of course, your password has to be strong, it’s important to change it on a regular basis. Please note that under no circumstances we would ask you to share your password with us. Don’t reveal it to anyone.

To enable two-step verification please follow the steps below:

  • Install Google Authenticator on your mobile device.
  • Enable the authenticator on the Settings page by clicking the Enable button underneath Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Follow directions that appear on the screen.
  • Enter the code generated by the Google Authenticator on your mobile device every time you log into your Smartrade account.

Note: It is recommended to save a backup code in a secure place. You will need this code to remove the 2FA in case you lose the device with the Google Authenticator.

If you lost a device with the Google Authenticator, there are two options to remove the 2FA and access your account:

For more information on how to read the trading charts, we suggest that you consult dedicated resources.

You can see your trading history on the Trade History page. Note that you have to be logged in to your Smartrade account to see the trading history.